David Talbot


Born in 1917. At the age of 74, was made into a vampire in 1991 by Lestat. (Man, I was so furious when that happened...!)


As a human, the Talamasca was his family, and was particularly close to Aaron Lightner. No vampire children, but lives with Louis & Lestat.


When he first appeared, was a grey-haired, tall Caucasian man. As a vampire, has brown wavy hair, large brown eyes. Approx. 6 ft. 4.

David (35KB)

This pic is based on model Eric Furhman, who actually has blond hair & very light eyes...


David was (is?) quite the adventurer as a young man. He had some love affairs, including one with a young boy in Rio (David's gay, but his tastes run rather towards young boys...which I find a bit disturbingly pedophilic...). He's gone hunting in Africa and trekking deep into the Amazon jungle--an Indiana Jones of sociology and the -ology of the supernatural (whatever that's called...). David is also a powerful psychic and a priest of the Brazilian voodoo-like Candomble.

As he aged as a mortal, David became more tame--probably mainly b/c of his physical limitations rather than due to any lessening of curiosity or the desire to explore--but now that he's gotten Lestat's powerful blood, he's free to do anything he desires.

Despite his now wild & sexy appearance, though, David's still an old-fashioned British gentleman at heart. He's polite and considerate, a bit reserved, and a bit of a worrier despite his adventurous heart (maybe it's his English sense trying to reign in his wild side...). Ever a scholar, David has been recording and publishing further tales of the vampires (as they say, a scholar has to "publish or die").

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