Lestat de Lioncourt


Estimated year of birth, 1755-ish. When he was about 22 years old, he was given the Dark Gift by the ancient vampire Magnus. Thanks to Akasha and Marius's powerful blood, he is now virtually indestructible, even in sunlight.


Father (Marquis de Lioncourt), mother Gabrielle. Also two older brothers. Around 1775-1780, he works the Dark Trick on Gabrielle and his friend/lover Nicolas Lenfent. In 1791, he creates Louis de Pointe du Lac, and Claudia follows a few years later. More recently, he has worked on David Talbot.

Lestat (a la Travis Fimmel) (30KB)

Pic is based on one of model/actor Travis Fimmel.


Blonde hair, violet-grey eyes. About 6 ft. 2 in. tall.


Lestat loves attention and hates to feel alone. He must always be taking on some sort of challenge; otherwise he would be listless and unhappy. Anything with the name "rule" on it will be broken gleefully by him. Known as the Brat Prince, there really isn't anyone in the vampire world who can stop him from going about in his brash way. I wouldn't consider him dumb in any way, but he certainly tends to act before he thinks.

"Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good!"
--Lestat in QOD

He seems to have been a bit down after Claudia died and Louis left him, and also after that whole business with Akasha, but Lestat is at his best when he is out looking for new adventure or love affair. Despite the fact that he is killer, he really isn't an evil person. On the other hand, he's also an actor, so he figures that he might as well be the most evil creature possible, if he's to be evil at all. A character certainly bursting with charisma.

By the way...as a fan of Louis, I really must advocate for Louis's position as No.1 in Lestat's heart, no matter who else the lustful Lestat has affairs with along the way! ;)


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