Louis de Pointe du Lac


Born in 1766. In 1791, when he was about 25 years old, he is given "life" as a vampire by Lestat de Lioncourt


Mother, sister, brother Paul. Louis creates the child-vampire Claudia together with Lestat. He also worked the Dark Trick on the Frenchwoman Madeleine around 1890.


Black hair, green eyes. Height, a little shorter than Lestat.

Louis w/head of Beiron Andersson (39KB)

Model is Beiron Andersson (a model). The body, though, belongs to Tom Cruise from the IWV movie :p

Another pic...


Louis is known as the most human of all the vampires, and is forever tortured by the pain and guilt of having to kill humans in order to survive. He has had the habit of blaming himself for everything, even as a human, and this characteristic certainly has not changed even after he became a vampire.

Louis is perhaps best-characterized as the mild-mannered gentleman. Instead of becoming heavily involved in whatever is going on, he is more likely to passively sit back and gently watch. His weaknesses are painfully obvious and one might get the impression that there is little more to him than his pain and repressed emotions, but! Beware his wrath because once Louis's anger is aroused, there is very little to stop him. Enter fire. He is *the* pyromaniac of the Savage Garden (note Pointe du Lac, New Orleans, le Theatre des Vampires).

Just like the willow tree that will stand up better under heavy snowfall than a sturdy oak branch, Louis has a certain tenaciousness for life underlying his vulnerable facade, and is expected to live for quite a long time to come.


A Song from Louis to Lestat

...so what is love then is it dictated or chosen
does it sing like the hymns of 1000 years or is it just pop emotion
and if it ever was here and it left does it mean it was never true
and to exist it must elude
is that why i think these things of you

i could go crazy on a night like tonight
when summer's beginning to give up her fight
and every thought's a possibility
and voices are heard but nothing is seen
why do you spend this time with me maybe an equal mystery

but you like the taste of danger it shines like sugar on your lips
and you like to stand in the line of fire
just to show you can shoot straight from you hip
there must be 1000 things you would die for
i can hardly think of two
but not everything is better spoken aloud
not when i'm talking to you
all that we need is to meet in the middle of impossibility
standing at opposite poles
equal partners in a mystery

--'mystery' by Indigo Girls

{ post script }

As a die-hard Louis fan, I must state here that I sincerely hope to see more of Louis as the rightful primary consort of Emperor Lestat... :p

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