Nicolas de Lenfent


Estimated to be born sometime in the 1750s in Auvergne, France. At the age of 23 or 24, he is made into a vampire by Lestat de Lioncourt. Around 1788, he chooses to end his existence by walking into the fire.


Son of a wealthy (and pig-headed) draper.


Dark curly hair, dark brown eyes.


nikki plays violinAs he said himself, Nicki's heart is filled with darkness. He firmly believes that this existence is meaningless, that there is no justice or order in this world, and instead of cowering before this belief, Nicki seems to find masochistic pleasure in having it confirmed throughout his life. Yet, despite this self-destructive cycle, there is a deep part of him that desperately hopes for someone to come and prove to him that he is wrong. Nicki does as the expression "cut off your nose to spite the face" goes, but his tragedy is that this entire bleak philosophy developed in the first place just so he may protect himself from being hurt by disappointments, injustice, and adversity.


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