15th Century, in the Russian steppes. When he was about 16 years old, his beloved master Marius makes him into a vampire. Armand himself did not create any "Children of Darkness" until 1985, when he makes Daniel Molloy his own.


Torn apart from his parents around the age of 10-12.


Auburn curls, brown eyes. Boyish, innocent appearance.

by aoi mukoh

I am lost so I am cruel
but I'd be love and sweetness if I had you.
I'm waiting...I'm waiting for you

"Milk" by Garbage


Children are particularly cruel, and Claudia was definitely not the only child around here. For Armand, the universe revolves around him. Because of his innocence and simplicity, he is prone to run to extremes, as was the case when he was abducted by the Children of Darkness. Once among them, he lapped up their teachings and abided strictly by those rules for centuries, long after most other Children of Darkness covens had abandoned the main of their practice. After Lestat opened his eyes to the fact that his mind was still functioning in the Middle Ages, Armand then went to the opposite extreme of trying to understand the current age through Lestat, then Louis, then Daniel. I suppose the thought of taking the middle path did not even cross his mind.

Armand certainly has a dark side which perhaps greatly overrides the light in his soul. Of course this isn't surprising, considering what he has been through. He is pensive and appears thoughtful (although it's a general rule that the more a person maintains silence, the more deep and intelligent she/he appears...). Although his thought processes may be somewhat simple, he does think things through and does not start anything until he is convinced it is the right thing. Armand doesn't communicate his thoughts unless he chooses to do so, giving him his characteristic mysterious air.

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